My journey through the world of pixels and stories began at a very young age. I was given my first Olympus Point-and-Shoot film camera at 8 years old. It was a simple device allowing me to start capturing the world, literally. Many of the photos were of the ground but the select few which had more interesting subjects caught my attention. I was fascinated by the idea of film and cameras. With an impossibly simple press of a button I could freeze a rapidly changing environment forever! I felt like a superhero! Superman had to fly backwards around the Earth to stop it, I simply pressed a button.

As I grew, I began to appreciate photography as an art. I discovered the power an image can have, well beyond any thousand word limit. Despite this, photography remained nothing more than a hobby throughout high school and into my collegiate years. During my tenure in post-secondary schooling I realized that my passion lied in the arts, particularly photography. I find pure enjoyment in creating lasting memories or discovering emotion in scenes that others might take for granted.